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MVP Building Guide For Startups

date 10.11.2020
time 12:00 CEST

Software Products do not become awesome overnight. But we can show you a path that costs less and makes success much more likely. This is the path of a well-built MVP!

If you want the customers to buy, use, and share your product - you have to plan for it. Our presentation will cover all that, and much more:

  • How the product will make actual money
  • How to build through iteration
  • Why marketing should start much earlier than you think
  • How to tell if the MVP launch is working or not
Photo of Michał Buszkiewicz

Speaker Szymon Soppa

An experienced developer and CEO at Curiosum. He led multiple outsourcing projects in different industries, and founded an event discovery startup with tens of thousands of downloads on app stores.

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