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Key skills to learn as a Elixir Juniors in 2020
  • Elixir

Top 5 Elixir Skills to Learn in 2021 [for Juniors]

Elixir is not magic - despite being easy to write in and learn, you need a strong foundation. In this short article, I will give you my personal list of things that are necessary (or at least very much a “should-have”) for Junior Elixir developers.

top podcasts for developers
  • Programming

The 8 Best Podcasts for Developers in 2020

Staying on top of our game as developers can mean stalking new libraries and updates to our favourite languages. Maybe reading some industry blogs. But I never wanted to be a narrow-minded specialist – and that is why I enjoy a weird podcast or two every day.

online voting
  • Programming

Why Online Voting is Still a Terrible Idea?

So, you want to vote online. I understand you. I do.

Especially in times of raging pandemic, lockdowns, face mask and the whole shebang, voting should be made easier. Uber Eats easier. Revolut easier. But why it can’t be? Let me explain.

Interview with Curiosum Founders
  • Business

World is for the Curious - Interview with Curiosum Founders

Curiosum is a brainchild of two guys - Szymon and Michał. What made them leave their cozy corporate desks and put it all on the line to build their own software house? I sat down with them for a quick interview about their story and aspirations.

honeycode no-code development
  • Programming

Amazon Honeycode and the promise of low-code development

“Building apps” is actually an extremely wide subject. From complex, machine learning assisted solutions for tough business cases, up to simplistic planners and message boards, you get what you put in. A growing subset of this industry is low-code or no-code development.